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AUTOSAN / DAVID BEK BRANCH Car spare parts salon

Car spare parts salon-shop, auto maintenance service, representative office

Head:  David Poghosyan, director  
Address:  David Bek str. 106/4  
Tel.:  +37477040170   +37410433202   +37455208202   +37493206677  
MapPositiion:  0  

CAR SERVICE \ Car spare parts
Auto parts store, Japanese auto parts, Korean auto parts, original auto parts, auto oils, additives, electric cables, lamps, filters, batteries, brake pads, brake discs, shock absorbers, antifreeze, windshield wipers
CAR SERVICE \ Car maintenance
Auto maintenance service, car service center, oil change, repair of parts, change of discs, change of brake pads, car running gears repair and maintenance, computer diagnostics, adjustment of wheel gap, adjustment of headlights
REPRESENTATIONS \ Representative offices
The represented trade marks, "Bardahl", "Alfas", "Unitedoil", "Paraffin", "JSasakashi", "NIBK", "MEYLE", "555sankei", "LYNXauto", "Tenax", "Berga AGM", "Tenacity", the official representative office in Armenia

"AUTOSAN" company is the official representative of more than 10 brands in Armenia. Engaged in large-scale import and sale of spare parts, oils and additives. The company's chain of stores is located at the following addresses in Yerevan: Rubinyants 22/35, Davit Bek 106/4, Leningradyan 31/18 and Hrachya Kochar 198. The addresses of the technical service points of the company are: Davit Bek 106/4 and Hrachya Kochar 198. The company is a major supplier in Armenia for the best partners in the industry, both spare parts and oils and additives, delivering products to partners with its own vehicles.
Rubinyants str. 22/35 ..... Tel. 208202

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